Global Peace Volunteer 1.14

Reflection of Global Peace Volunteer Camp 1.14


This camp was the greatest camp ever because it held for the first time in East Java by the committee from different city; Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Malang. They also the alumni of GPV Camp 1.12 and 1.13 who are currently stay in East Java. They gathered to hold this camp and also the last camp in 2012 from Global Peace Foundation Indonesia. More than hundreds of applicants applied for this event; not just like the previous events which was only got less than that amount. Unfortunately, the ideal participants of every GPV camp are only 30 participants. Hence, the committee did the selection based on the criteria. To fulfill the criteria of the participants they have to 18-25 years old, having leadership skill, and having interest in family issue; interfaith issue; service project and join the program completely two days. Finally there were participants from East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, South Sumatera, South Sulawesi, and North Sumatera.

The participants did whole activities in Wisma Hortikultura of Department of Agriculture for East Java. This leadership camp was not only learn how to be a good leader with a good moral and innovative way but also learn the other important things that that skill was not be taught in other leadership camps or trainings. For the example like, first OFUG (One Family Under God); that value has been very good for human because that words drive us to peace. One Family Under God does not mean that we live with a same God and religion then we should not believe our own religion only but also must believe the others. That is very wrong because applying that words for plurality did not mean like that. Applying OFUG in daily life means that we must do our best respect and build mutual understanding each other. Second, this camp is also build the character of being a good leader with the value of living for others and true love. Those value was experiencing about how to live in peace with others; helping each other as the human. Colors of skin, faith, traditions, nations, and the other things are not the problems because the true love is covered it. The true love here means we should keep the important purity of the meaning of love; safing each other. As the leader, that person should has big and healthy hearts. that part was also very important because by having those heart people will keep positive feeling then drove to the positive thinking.

At last, to complete the real leader criteria, the participants was practicing whole of the lessons to people in their surroundings.  In the heart-to-heart season, each participants had in pairs and shared their problems and experiences then tried to solve the problems. That was very good parts also because participants could change their minds to be a better leader; just like a mahoni tree, it protect any things under its very large branches and leaves. In other chance, the participants freely helped the society around the camp. Some of them were helping the farmer, flower seller, selling the fruits, cleaning river, cleaning the streets from the garbage, and other service projects. After joining the programs, the participants from each regions planed to take action as their service project to the society in their surroundings. Global Peace Volunteers Camp not only build the leader with a very good brain but also big and healthy heart.

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